Roosevelt High School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Class of 1962
50th Reunion 1962-2012

Next party, 55th Reunion.

Did you take photos?

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Minnehaha Falls Tour

"It went well, small crowd but fun."
Colin Quinn

"It was a rather small event with about a dozen plus folks.  However, the conversation and the time we spent before and over lunch was quality. 
The park hasn't changed which made the experience warm and familiar.  The fish was good and some took a walk down by the falls.  Unfortunately, when they came back before 12 noon the lunch line was soooo long. 
If you ever go, do it around 11:00.  It is hard to believe how a fish venue could be so popular with Minnesotans."
Mary Etta (Rorris) Litsheim

"I showed up for the Minnehaha Falls reunion event because that was my stomping grounds (with the Hestness twins!) from grade school onward. 
So, Alan Kuykendall and my friend Allan and I hiked to where we remembered the "caves" (drainage runoffs!!!) being. 
But all that was there was rubble, probably dynamited shut when they built the retaining wall for the locks on the river!  Bruce Temte and Alan K.'s wife, Joyce walked to the river with us,
but not through the rubble to the caves."
Val Waters

Boat Cruise

"The reunion was awesome but we who were lucky enough to go on the special cruise will never forget it!  It was one of the best of times.  Thank you Les and Terry for more than ever than we expected. 
I think every woman last night who got a bracelet on Friday night wore them.  I am not sure if that was for extra credit, but we were all surprised that we did that.  Kudos to that evening."
Kathe (Erickson) Magadance

"My husband and I went on the boat dinner cruise and that, too, was just perfect in every way. 
The weather was ideal, the food very good, and the chance to catch up with a smaller group of classmates made for a very special evening.  I want to commend and applaud Terry and Les for an excellent event! 
They handled all of the arrangements and details that resulted in the perfect evening.  We left the Sofitel at exactly 4 pm, we arrived at Al & Alma's at exactly 5 pm, and we returned to the hotel at exactly 9 pm! 
Les is certainly the best charter bus driver you will find!  And to add to the special night, Terry had put together memento gift bags for all of us on the trip! 
We certainly were made to feel that the 40 or so of us were a special, elite group!" 
Barbara (Carlson) Kapela

"Les and I have received many thank you cards for arranging the boat cruise and we appreciate the kind words so very much—but really the people that attended
made it a success and we are so grateful to everyone who joined us.  Our 'thank you to all'.”
Les & Terry (Robson) Filipa

Guys' Night Out

"That also went well.  The new Roosevelt football coach was there and gave a little talk.  Twenty to 25 guys were there."
Colin Quinn


"Eleven of us.  Beautiful day, nice course, everyone had a great time."
Colin Quinn


"What a great reunion the 50th was!  Committee, you outdid yourselves.  It is a lot of work and I hope you will continue to do this for our 55th or even 60th - or maybe for a 70th B'day party as you suggested. 
Thanks again.  It was a great night.  I loved seeing everyone and reconnecting with such good people."
Sue (VonVolkenberg) Ross

"The Sofitel was a great place.  The food was excellent, program a lot of fun and seeing classmates was great.  I did like the grade school photos done.  All in all it was an enjoyable evening."
Carol (Lundquist) Cudo

"I, too, felt that the reunion event on Saturday was an absolute success -- lots of fun, good food and conversation, and the Rockettes and cheerleaders made it extra special."
Barbara (Carlson) Kapela

"The event last night was a complete success.  I have talked to many of those who attended and they were very pleased and had a great time.  The Rockette performance was the highlight of the evening! 
The memory book will be a big hit when Dave performs his magic and makes it a "best seller ... I'm amazed that so many of our classmates flew in from other states.  That is a real compliment to the planning committee.
A fantastic evening and you should all feel proud."
Denny Schulstad

"The Rockettes.......Sensational!!!!! Everybody loved it!!  It was way better then what I expected. Great job!!"
Colin Quinn

"What a wonderful time last night!  It was great to see classmates from so long ago.  Keep it going."
Russ Fischer

"What a wonderful event it turned out to be.  Everything was fabulous, the boat ride, the food and the hotel was excellent.  We just wanted to let the people know that were in charge that they did an outstanding job!!! 
We know that it took a lot of work and effort to pull it off-you guys are awesome.  We can't wait for the 70th (can't believe it) birthday bash.  Thank you again for the excellent job!!!"
Gary and Roni Hermann

"WOW!  I'm just coming out of a conversation induced overload/coma.  It was so good it's hard to believe.  Thanks all."
Dave Lindquist

"What a wonderful, memorable party.  I think, if you DO have a 70th and we are still alive, we'll get a big turnout because of the 50th.  Everyone that came saw how much fun it was to see other RHS people, etc.  Fun, fun, fun!!!!!!"
Ade (Leibrock) Sampson

"I am also getting off the high from last weekend.  How do you get any better than that.  My personal best reunion yet."
Steve Fowler

“The class of '62 is so fortunate to have such dedicated classmates who plan these wonderful reunions, provide us with this great website and help keep us connected.  Thank you for all you do. 
Nice choice of venue for the 50th.  I enjoyed the evening very much.  I am selfishly wishing you good health and continued energy!”
Karen (Pottsmith) Banister

"Thank you and the committee ever so much for a great evening.  I still feel warm fuzzies.  What a blessing to be in good health, have my spouse beside me on the dance floor and reunite with old friends. 
I look forward to the 70th birthday party.  What about something casual at a Legion or VFW? Thanks again."
Nancy (Sandeen) Westerberg

"Thanks to the committee that planned such a great reunion.  The location was wonderful and the dinner delicious.  Best of all was seeing old friends and renewing our friendships. 
Time passes so quickly it's hard to believe we are all fifty years older."
Kay McLean

The Hotel Sofitel venue was a first-class act - lovely accommodations and delicious food!  Am hoping there will be many pix posted..."
Connie (Romfo) Kylander

"Had a great time at the reunion, golf and trek to the Mississippi from the falls! The Sofitel was a great place to stay and visit."
Alan Kuykendall

"Boy, you folks sure put on a great reunion.  It was so much fun.  So many people showed up, too.  You can sure be proud of yourselves. 
I wish I had had more time to spend with you, but I did get around to visit with most of the folks I wanted to touch base with that night.  It was just perfect.  Thanks again, for a swell time."
Enid (Burlingame) Swartz

"It was the best high school reunion."
George Antoine

"The reunion was such a success!  You guys did a wonderful job.  What a treat to reconnect with old classmates, some of whom I haven’t seen for 50 years!  The Hotel Sofitel was perfect."
Barb (Christensen) Zander

"I wanted to give my thanks and congratulations for a job well done!  While I didn't attend the reunion I recognize the tremendous amount of effort that goes into a well orchestrated event such as this. 
Please pass along my thanks to the entire committee, they couldn't have done better."
Jon Felker

"That was a wonderful reunion,  Thank You to all who put that together, and the food was outstanding,"
Gretchen Ann (Vandenberg) Lancaster

"Thank you again for all you do with the website and for the class.  I don't think I spoke with one person who didn't mention the website as a source of joy.  Love you for it!  Fun reunion. 
Especially enjoyed seeing the Rockettes rock.  You go girl!"
Karen (Pottsmith) Banister

"Congrats on a great website, a great party;  I had a great time.  I am not married and don't have any children, so I thought I would be a lonely bird at the reunion. 
But surprisingly, everyone was so excited to see each other. It was wonderful."
Karin Wakefield

"Thanks for the wonderful reunion.  I had a great time.  Please thank the committee."
Jane (Gwiazdon) Bauman

"The venue for the reunion was fantastic, as was the food, and the music. 
We enjoyed getting reacquainted with everyone on the committee and will cherish the memories for years to come.  What a wonderful event!"
Les & Terry (Robson) Filipa

"Super job to all those who put the reunion together."
Cheryl (Larson) Bilbee


"I haven't heard from anyone yet whether or not they attended the brunch.  Brunch, anyone?"
Lani (Greenfield) Covey

Memory Book

"I got the book in the mail.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was very well done.  It was fun to read it."
Carol (Lundquist) Cudo

"I just got our Memory Book in the mail and all I can say is WOW!  What a first class book.  Dave congratulations to you for all you did and those who help put it together. 
I know classmates who ordered one are going to be happy.  Well done.  Thanks."
Kathe (Erickson) Magadance

Mary Etta (Rorris) Litsheim

"Outstanding job, Dave.  You made a great weekend even better with all those memories."
Denny Schulstad

 "The Memory Book is fantastic!  You have done a very professional job and should be very proud!  I received the book yesterday and have trouble putting it down! 
Thanks so much for all the time and effort you have obviously put into this fine memento of our high school years!"
Barbara (Carlson) Kapela

"Truly a winner after such a great reunion.  I don’t think anyone expected it to be so unbelievable.  Thanks again for the WOW moment."
Kathe (Erickson) Magadance

"Just received the BEAUTIFUL RHS '62 memory book.  I LOVE IT!  It has been such fun to go through the book to see what everyone is doing these days as well as what they look like. 
The reunion was so well planned and I loved having photos from our grade school days as well as the entire group at the reunion.  But, the frosting on the top is the memory book.  I have been pouring over pages, reading what everyone is doing these days.  When I come to the 60th I will have a much better idea of what folks look like so that I don't feel like I am wondering among strangers. 
Please give my thanks to everyone who had a hand in this reunion and memory book. So much work for all of you, but what a treasure for the class of '62!"
Gretchen (Ohlsson) Peterson

"I thought the reunion was really fun.  My "booklet" came in the mail yesterday!  What a fun read that was!!!  Several people who were not in attendance wrote notes for the book.  I loved all the pictures, too."
Fran (Malmsten) Maynard

“I received my Reunion memory book last week.  Oh how I wish I could have been there.  So many of my pals in living color and we really haven't changed that much.  Next get together and I'll be there, promise."
Nancy (Smith) Boston

"I have attempted to contact a few of my classmates.  I couldn't have done it without the reunion booklet you and your staff compiled. 
Very professional.  My only question is:  How did those kids in my class get so old?  Time warp?  I would love to hear from any of them that might want to contact me. 
I don't know how often an update might be published but if it ever is again would you update/correct my information?  My email is"
Jon Felker

"The Memory Book was spectacular.  Thanks again to the planning committee for a great reunion.  I especially appreciate the website where I can remember some great times in my younger days."
Kay McLean

The RHS Memory book just arrived and it is great!  Thanks to you and the others for putting together such a good book and website."
Pam (Weible) Obando


"The DVD arrived in my mail yesterday (11/16/12).  I watched the entire show (84 minutes) last night.  It is a great recording of the reunion, a job well done.  It was worth the wait!"
Barbara (Carlson) Kapela

"I thought the reunion DVD was quite well done.  So fun to watch -- and the book was also fun to look at."
Jan (Anderson) Morgan

"I thought the video was very good.  With the background noise, it puts you right there.  The ending with that last song (Memories) was a nice touch."
Colin Quinn



 M I N N E H A H A  F A L L S  T O U R

Gallery #1

Terry Rickard's mom, Ruth Rickard, Terry Rickard, Mary Etta (Rorris) Litsheim, Dick Wilson, Val Waters and friend, Allan,
Bruce Temte, Joyce Kuykendall, Al Kuykendall, Colin Quinn-photographer.

Caption text appears when you rest the pointer on the image.
Click photo a second time to enlarge.

PHOTOS: Colin Quinn

F R I D A Y  N I G H T  @  J A N' S

BACK:  Mary (Lee) Alvarez, Bev (Peterson) Olson-(Minnehaha Academy), Diane (Moen) Sweeney, Sue (Ackland) Peterson, Lani (Greenfield) Covey, Fran (Malmsten) Maynard, Sylvia (Peterson) Fenton, Jan (Anderson) Morgan
FRONT:  Elaine (Brudos) Jukam, Sandy (Gunther) Brew, Gretchen (Ohlsson) Peterson, Carol (Lundquist) Cudo

Gallery #2

Caption text appears when you rest the pointer on the image.
Click photo a second time to enlarge.

PHOTOS: Lani (Greenfield) Covey, Sue (Ackland) Peterson, Jan (Anderson) Morgan


F R I D A Y  N I G H T on the B O A T  C R U I S E

Gallery #3

Caption text appears when you rest the pointer on the image.
Click photo a second time to enlarge.

PHOTOS:  Barbara (Carlson) Kapela

L a k e  M i n n e t o n k a

 Ken Nielsen, Steve Fowler, Roger Simonson, Kathy (Steiner) Simonson, Nora (Monahan) MacDonald.
 Steve Fredell, Doug Ladwig, Dorothy (Wick) Wolke, Marilynn (Erikson) Peters, Jenene (Baltzer) Fredell

Gallery #4

Caption text appears when you rest the pointer on the image.
Click photo a second time to enlarge.

PHOTOS:  Terry (Robson) Filipa


Gallery #5

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PHOTOS:  Kathe (Erickson) Magadance

Diane (Franzen) Elfstrum, Sharon (McNamara) Ehlen, Gail (Sonntag) Bachul

Gallery #6

Caption text appears when you rest the pointer on the image.

PHOTOS:  Dorothy (Wick) Wolke


G U Y S'  N I G H T  O U T

Mike Rick & Bob Travis

Gallery #7

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PHOTOS:  Colin Quinn




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