Roosevelt High School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Class of 1962
50th Reunion 1962-2012

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Class of 1962

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Nancy Miller, Carol Lundquist, Sue Lillehei, Mary Ellen Jones

Barb Christensen, Karin Johnson, John Leppa, Dan Briles, Gary Hermann

Linda Opsahl, Mary Lee, Elaine Brudos, Arlene Schubert
                                                                                CORCORAN, IRVING, GREELEY, MONROE

Adrianne Leibrock, Sharon McNamara, Rita Mazzola, John Rusnacko, Sandra Ashley

Back:  Roy Wegner, Donovan Ellendson, Kay McLean, John Maskalans, Wayne Miller, J. Brad Ostrander.
Front:  Barbara J. Carlson, Kathe Erickson, Laurine Baltzer, Darlene Slotrem, Jenene Baltzer, Sue Nelson, Mary Lynn Olson.

Back:  Terry Rickard, Ralph Forsman, Bob Travis, Joe Finn, Jeff Grates, Gordy Peters, Andy Elasky, Doug deMalignon, ______. Bill Flikeid, Allan Ness, Ellen Meinke, Chuck Wedan.
Front:  Sharon Lundeen, Tom Ressler? or John Leppa?, Carol Gilbertson, Hillary Torgerson, Pat Reyst, John Stende.

Back:  Tom Kersten, Al Papas, Karen Pottsmith, Steve Fredell, Gary Boos, Shirley Skanse, Dorothy Vagasky.  (Far right:  Andy Elasky-baclground.)
Front:  Denny Remeta, Dorothy Wick, Russ Fischer, Betty Faanes.

Row 4:  Dick Carrington, David A. Lee.
Row 3:  Mary Meiners, Donna Knight, JoAnn Gilbertson, Kathy Nelson, Dave M. Lee, Bruce Temte.
Row 2:  Connie Engen, Pam Weible, Val Waters, Pat Madden, Mary Keohane, Marilynn Erikson.

Front:  Cliff Berg, Dave Holmgren, Denny Schulstad, Alan Kuykendall, Don Mattison.

Back:  Bruce Adams, Sandy Stewart, Alan Gierke, Tom Ressler.
Front:  Sandie Alt, Sandie Shegstad, Marilyn Foss, Ken Elfstrum, Sue Gmitro.

Row 3:  Dave Rataczak, Dick Wilson, Nora Monahan, Gretchen Vandenberg, Nancy Sandeen, Jim Forsland, Alan Kuykendall or DaveHolmgren (hidden), Jack Halvorson.
Row 2:  Larry Anderson, Barb Zezulka, Pat Chayer, Connie Romfo, Ken Nielsen.
Row 1:  Sue Von Volkenberg, Marilynn Erikson, Barb Haynes, Donna Hathaway, Colleen Connor.
                                                                                MORRIS PARK

Barb Zezulka, Ron O'Heron, Terry Robson, Donna Fredrickson, Kathy Shepherd, Margaret Powell, Pat Niznick.

Back:  Dave Lindquist, George Turner, Diane Moen, Fran Malmsten.
Front:  Mary Etta Rorris, Judy Frederick, Ione M. Johnson.
                                                                                ST. HELENA

Doug Bartosh, Colleen Connor

Row 5:  Ray Christianson, Tim Hastings, Kay Paddock, Carole Oas, Ron Moey, Allan Ness, Diane Franzen, George Antoine, Mike Strauss.
Row 4:  Tom Case, Gail Sonntag, Sylvia Peterson, Sue Ackland, Gretchen Ohlsson, Sandy Larson, Jim Fritz.
Row 3:  Winnie Moberg, Bev Hill, Cindy Fritzke, Gail Armstrong, Kathy Steiner, Jane Gwiazdon, Lani Greenfield, Jan Anderson, Karin Wakefield, Enid Burlingame.
Kneeling:  Harold Bergquist, Paul Lamberger, Terry Hayes, Dick Runman, Dick Swenson
Seated:  Les Filipa, Colin Quinn, Tom Lyons.

Dick Hanson, Kathy Downing, Jerry Samuelson
                                                                                Can you help me identify those classmates from Hiawatha and Minnehaha, indicated by the underline or in red?


Gallery #21

The 1962 Roosevelt Rockettes
"Music: Jersey Bounce".

ALL FIVE SENIORS '62:  Mary (Keohane) Lothrop, Diane (Franzen) Elfstrum, Nora (Monahan) MacDonald, Lani (Greenfield) Covey, Kathy (Nelson) Packer

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